Need help setting up your bird feeding stations in your backyard? The two main things to keep in mind when deciding where to place your bird feeder are: can you see the feeder well, and is the feeder in a safe location. The first of these is easy, but the second takes a bit more planning. You’ll want to make sure the feeder is in a place that’s relatively safe from window collisions and from predators. When you first set up a feeding station, you may have no feeder visitors. Be patient—the local birds first have to discover the new food source.  If birds still don’t come, you may need more bird-friendly plants in your landscaping. We carry the largest variety of back yard feeders and accessories in the area! STOP IN TODAY! With our knowledgeable staff and personal experience, we're ready to get you started with a fun and enjoyable hobby!



Feeders close to natural shelter such as trees or shrubs offer resting places for birds between feeding bouts and a quick refuge if a hawk flies through. Evergreens are ideal—their thick foliage buffers winter winds and offers year-round hiding places from predators. You can never have enough bird feeders. Learn about the different feeders available, and make plans to add a new one to your yard.


Bird Baths

Water is just as important as food for the birds, so it can be a wonderful way to attract birds to your yard. Remember that Moving Water Attracts Birds – If possible, find a way to have moving water available. There are several benefits to moving water that will help attract birds. 


Bird Houses

There are few bird-watching experiences more rewarding than setting up a birdhouse and having a pair of birds select it as their home to raise young.  Bluebirds, purple martins, house wrens, chickadees, tree swallows and house sparrows are the most common occupants. Attracting birds like wood ducks, screech-owls, woodpeckers, titmice and nuthatches may also be possible.


Gifts & Accessories

We have a great selection of House & Garden Flags, Door Mats, Sassafras Switch Mats, Wind Chimes, Feeding Stations, Puzzles, Books, Spinners, Kites & Nature Decor.


Premium Seed

Inexpensive store-bought seed blends can occasionally attract pesky visitors. They might contain red millet (white proso millet is a better option), wheat or other grain products that are typically used as filler. Avoid those things when creating your own birdseed mix and stick with quality seeds and foods. We offer the best quality and freshest seed mixes available, selling thousands of pounds per week.